Packing a First-Night Box

Moving Box

Moving Box

These boxes will have the essentials each member of the family will need upon arriving at your new home. If you arrive late to your new home, are moving great distances, or overseas and your items are delayed (our good friend Crystal will be sharing her PCS experience to Germany in the next couple weeks), these first-night boxes will contain everything you need. Label these boxes accordingly, make sure they are the last ones loaded and the first ones taken off the truck. If PCSing overseas, this may be your checked luggage instead.

  • Bed linens for each bed.
  • A change or two of clothes.
  • Box cutter/Swiss army knife for opening boxes.
  • Basic cleaning supplies.
  • Disposable plates, glasses, and cutlery.
  • Medicine.
  • Pet food.
  • Napkins and/or papertowels.
  • Nonperishable snacks (granola bars, nuts, etc)
  • Toiletries.
  • Phone and laptop chargers
  • Towels.
  • Trash bags.
  • Small toys to entertain the kids while you unpack.
  • Instant coffee.

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