What You Do When the Guys Are Gone…

White Dog
My lab, affectionately known as White Dog, enjoying a rare nap on the couch

Both of my grandmothers were military spouses. Both were spouses to Navy seamen. Both of them were very classy ladies, who married even classier men. When the idea of PCSing around the world with babies in tow I remember my grandmother did it, alone, with FIVE children. (My Papa always managed to be on mission when it came time to move…not so coincidentally). My mother’s mother did Okinawa, Greece, Italy, Bangkok, and one other place I’m sure I’m forgetting, all with five children, a dog, and a husband who’s MOS called for extremely dangerous missions that she wasn’t allowed in on. She neverMy  knew where he was going (even what continent), when he would be back or what the mission entailed. And I lay awake at night, worried about my Mr who is only gone for two weeks, to a very safe country, and whom I get to skype with on almost a daily basis.

My father’s mother PSC’ed around the world, but only with two boys in tow. Although knowing my dad and uncle, they could’ve made the same amount of trouble as five. This trip that my Mr is on is the first time we’ve been apart since he moved in, five months ago. Two weeks is no biggy considering what could have been, but I’ll admit, I struggled the first couple of days. I felt lost without him. My dad’s mother wrote me this, and it was just so perfect I had to share:

“What you do when the guys are gone is wash your hair, do your eyebrows, watch your  favorite shows on TV, go to girlie movies and have lunch and dinner with your girl friends.”

Well, I think my Grammy would be proud, I have done all of those things minus the girlie movies (girlie TV shows count, though, right?!) I’ve been catching up on Larkrise to Candleford, Royal Pains and Swamp People (ok, that last one isn’t girlie, but it’s one that I love and my Mr can’t stand). I’ve spent a ton of time with friends and family, let the dishes pile up to an embarrassing height, and spoiled my doglies. I’ve found my footing again, as myself, as a woman, as a milspouse…but I’m counting down the days until his return.

What do you do to pass the time while your Mr is gone? What was the longest stint you two did away? How did you handle it? Please share your story below – it may just be the support another milspouse needs to hear whose Mr is gone.

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