One Year Anniversary – 50 Things to Ask Your Spouse

The Kiss

Last Saturday the Mr and I celebrated our one year anniversary! One year of officially dating, 14 years of unofficially being in love with each other 🙂 To celebrate, we’d had our eye on a fancy German restaurant in town that we’ve been wanting to try out, but instead we stayed in. We found a recipe to try to recreate our favorite dish from a local sushi joint ( so instead, we stayed in and cooked together. It was definitely a special treat! As the steaks were cooking we sat and watched the fire together, drinking wine/beer and reminiscing over the past year.

While we ate dinner, we asked each other questions from this list of 50 Questions to Ask on a Date Night. We only got down to about question 15, but we already learned so much about each other. We learned that what fulfills us as a man/woman, is what fulfills us as a husband/wife — we don’t make a distinction. When I feel successful as a wife, I feel successful as a woman. I learned about his fears, and what I can do to ease them. He told me what I need to do to help him lead our family (be as happy and fulfilled as I can possibly be!) and each question lead into a story, or a tangent, or a declaration.

Needless to say it’s something I think everyone should do! We learned a lot, and I plan on making it a yearly tradition!


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