No-Spending Challenge Check In – Week 1

Money Management


So we just completed week 1 of our No-Spending Challenge and I have a confession to make: we’ve already fallen off of the band-wagon…twice.  I’m ashamed to say, but it’s true. And I can honestly tell you it wasn’t for any other reason than pure bad planning and laziness!!

It shocked me on Sunday morning when we didn’t have anything in the house for breakfast! I realized I had planned out the major meals during the WEEK, but hadn’t planned on what to cook during the WEEKEND! Gah! Complete revelation! I’ve been doing it like this THE ENTIRE TIME! Usually on the weekends we’d have left-overs, throw some quick and easy things together or order out. I had absolutely no idea my menu planning left out the weekends!

I also found myself on Friday and Saturday night, exhausted from running around to softball practice, or participating in the Run Amuck with absolutely no energy and no will power to cook anything at home.

So we splurged on Tropical Smoothie on Friday and $5 Little Caesar’s hot n ready pizza on Saturday. I have to say, not my prouder moment, but I learned a lot about myself along the way!

Lessons Learned

  1. Plan for EVERY meal of the week. Plan to have enough leftovers. Plan your menu, your shopping list, even plan for those days you don’t want to do anything…which leads me to my Number 2:
  2. Buy FAST meals. I tend to think that anything worth putting on the dinner table must be prepared, cooked, roasted, or broiled by hand. There will be those nights, though, where time just gets away from you, or your caught up in a project, or just get home late and you need something good, FAST.

Week 2 I’m going in with those two things in mind. I’ll check in again next week to see if I managed to do any better!

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