2013 Run Amuck!

Run Amuck
Run Amuck

The Mr and I have successfully completed another obstacle 5k! The first obstacle 5k I ran was last year’s Warrior Dash. I had just come out of a bad relationship and it was the first thing I did for me…just because I wanted to and there was no one to tell me I couldn’t! I invited my Mr along but he scoffed and said he had to run 5k for work, why would he pay someone to be able to do it? Once he saw how much fun I was having crossing the finish line, though, he changed his mind.

The first obstacle 5k we did together was that fall, the Mud Dog Zombie Edition. It was freezing! Every single water obstacle made you instantly numb and you couldn’t feel your feet more often than you could feel them! And you would think zombies were all too tired from being dead and all to put up much of a fight…WRONG. These zombies were alive and well and out for blood! You were given “lives” (flags you strapped around your waist), but I was dead within minutes. Apparently, sprinting is not my strong suit. 🙂

The Run Amuck was a lot of fun! We made friends in line waiting for the first obstacle and instantly bonded over the Mud Dog Zombie run and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. The first obstacle was a blow up slide-thing that you had to crawl through, which led to a brief jog through the streets of Quantico, and then on to a series of stations: water slide, rope rappelling, crunches, stairs and then getting sprayed by a fire hose.

The rest of the track (a good 3 miles) was on trails in the woods, and thanks to the rain we’ve gotten the last couple of days, the track was a muddy mess! My knees and ankles are going to be very unhappy with me tomorrow!! At every obstacle/event there was a marine in uniform screaming encouragement at us! They’d obviously toned it down because they were dealing with civilians (and children), but if that was a glimpse at what my Mr had to go through with his drill sergeants, NO THANK YOU!

Have you ever done a mud run?! Do you and your Mr do events or work out together? Is that usually a good or a bad thing? 😉

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