No-Spending Challenge

Money Management

I recently came across Andrea Dekker’s No Spending Challenge and thought that it was a fantastic idea! The Mr and I are about to sit down for our quarterly check-in on our finances and thought that this challenge would be a fantastic way to get back to basics.

Her rules are simple:

  1. Bills don’t count
  2. Basic necessities don’t count
  3. Investments don’t count
  4. Business expenses don’t count
  5. Emergencies don’t count
  6. Currently scheduled projects don’t count
  7. Using gift cards or store credit doesn’t count
  8. Everything else counts!

Basically: No spending except for bills (I consider savings and investments as bills) and groceries.

When I brought it up to the Mr, he was surprisingly up for it. He’s not a big spender by nature, and had been living paycheck to paycheck for so long, not spending has become second nature for him. So I think this challenge will be harder for me than for him.

I think our biggest expenditure aside from the necessities is eating out. With the crazy, hectic days we have, it’s so easy to get home and order out, or sleep in those extra 10 minutes and go to work without lunch. I’m hoping this challenge forces us (mainly me 🙂 ) to plans out our meals, plan out our lunches, create menus, and generally speaking, organize our home a little more.

Have you ever done a challenge like this? Where are your finances right now? Want to do this with us!?

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