Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde
Salsa Verde

Recently on my trip to the commissary, I was picking up some tomatillos to make some salsa verde for our housewarming party, and an elderly woman passed by me and asked what I did with them. I briefly explained how to make salsa verde, so here is my explanation for you!

1 lb tomatillos

2 jalapenos

2 cloves of garlic

Salsa Verde
Salsa Verde

1. You can change the amounts of ingredients depending on your particular taste:

  • If you like the jalapeno flavor, but can’t stand the heat, slice the jalapenos open and remove the seeds and membrane. WEAR GLOVES! You don’t want to accidentally¬†touch your eyes or face or other *cough* unmentionables after cooking with jalapenos. Trust me, I’ve been there, it’s not pleasant.
  • If you want less garlic, or none at all, it’s completely optional. I think it adds a depth to the salsa that can’t be beat.
  • You can also dice half an onion and a bunch of cilantro and add it after you are done blending. Just adds a little more texture/flavor.

2. Remove the outter husk of the tomatillos. Sometimes I’ll run them under water as I’m doing this — it seems to help the process.

3. Now you have some options with your cooking method:

  • You can simmer them in water until mushy – much faster, easier, harder to screw up ;), OR
  • You can roast/broil them until blackened on all sides. Be careful to do this in a pan you’re not very fond of — the acid in the tomatillos will ruin any non-stick pan you like.

4. Either way, once mushy, throw the jalapenos and tomatillos (and garlic) in a blender with a little water (I use the water from the pot I boiled them in) and some salt and BLEND!

5. Simple! In less than 5 minutes you’ll have authentic, amazing, to-die-for salsa that store bought can’t hold a candle to!

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