Hold Him Extra Close Tonight


Image credits SpouseBuzz

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Monday night at least seven families lost their marines in a training accident. We all know that being a Marine is a lot more dangerous than, say, being an accountant, but few families expect something to happen during training…in the US.

Mr Marine and I were just having this conversation a few days ago. We’re not married yet, so I’m not his ‘next of kin’, but I can’t imagine having to hear the news that something happened 2nd or 3rd hand. He supports me, reassures me, reminds me it’s part and parcel of loving a military man but I worry.

He’s getting his flight quals transferred next month and is eager to start flying again. He goes on about how much more money he can make ‘taking trips’ and how quickly that could put us financially more at ease. I hate the idea of something happening to him and money having been his motive. He loves to fly, he loves traveling, he loves working so if something happened to him while he was doing what he loved, I’d understand. If something happened to him while he was flying just to bring home some more money, I don’t know how I’d sleep at night.

Regardless of what your man does, what rank he is, what branch of the military he’s in…hold him extra close tonight. Hold him extra close every night. There are at least seven families today who can’t.

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