Our Story

Our First USMC Ball Together

Mr Marine and my story couldn’t have been written better if we tried. It’s the cutest damned romantic comedy I’ve ever heard of and I absolutely LOVE telling it to anyone who will sit there long enough to listen to it. He was actually my first boyfriend…like…ever. We dated on an off in middle school and into high school. Remember before the time of cell phones when you would keep an old composition notebook with your friends, write notes in them and exchange them between classes? Well the Mr and I had one together, until one day, I went to leave ours in his locker only to find his notebook with another girl! I still laugh about it to this day and he still denies it! His family moved after our freshman year of highschool and we lost touch. I went off to college, he joined the Marine Corps right after graduation.

Somehow (we still haven’t figured out how) we got back in touch with each other. I was home on break and he was back from Okinawa on leave. He didn’t have a cell phone, we didn’t know each others’ email addresses…we think it had something to do with myspace? but we managed to meet up one cold wintery night. What happened that night, I will leave up to your imagination. In the midst of it all, though, we forgot to exchange information…AGAIN!

We both married due to extenuating circumstances but he was constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I looked for him on myspace, on facebook, tried to remember his high school email address, everything. He was never far from my thoughts and apparently I from his. This past spring we both found ourselves in the midst of divorces. As fate would have it, he finally signed up for FB and we finally found each other again. The love that was there as teenagers had never truly left us, and we picked up like we’d never spent all those years apart. As we settled into a real-life, adult relationship it became clear: our previous marriages served their purposes, but there was never any doubt we were always meant to find each other in the end.


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