Money Management – Introduction

Money Management

Money Management

Listening to the radio this morning put knots in my stomach. Listening to senators and congressmen argue over what needs to be done to avoid sequestration; increase revenue by increasing taxes and closing loopholes, or cut spending, mainly the defense budget, or a combination of both? The national debt is uncontrollable, everyone agrees on that. The amount of interest we’re paying on the debt is lower than it has been in awhile, but it’s still interest on borrowed money, interest we should’nt have to pay.

All this talk about “getting the nation’s fiscal house in order” just made me reflect on my own personal “fiscal house”. How could I best get my money to work for me, not the other way around? Where’s the best place to put my money? What were my money-goals? If I was to get a financial report card, how would I do?

I’ve even been thinking about my past relationships and how money was handled, and even my own relationship with money right now with Mr. Marine. I was surprised at the feelings I got when he’d spend money on me. Even little things like filling the tank in my car, buying groceries for our new place, putting me on his phone plan filled me with an uncontrollable mix of emotions. I’m not sure if I was feeling ashamed, uncomfortable, awkward, nervous, proud, happy, grateful, or a strange combination of all of the above; but I was definitely perplexed at my own emotions.

A friend of mine texted me the other day and asked my advice on how to explain to his girl (without being rude) that they just couldn’t afford the type of ring she wanted. This got me thinking about how vital it is to talk with your spouse about your family’s finances. If you have kids or not, if one of you works or both do, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the open, emotionless, black and white discussion about money.

I will be putting out a series on money  management, how to take stock of your finances right now, how to budget for the future and your financial goals, paying off debt, and how to save money in the long run. I really look forward to doing this journey with you guys and sharing what Mr. Marine and I discover in our relationship with regards to money.

If you have any questions, or any comments, or would like to add any suggestions, please leave a comment below!


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