Pantry to Garden – Starting Potatoes

Potatoes – there are so many things I love about potatoes. They’re cheap, delicious, filling, and almost fool-proof to grow. If you’re a beginner gardener, I highly recommend planting potatoes. They’re easy to grow in containers if you’re in base housing, or renting and are not allowed to plant a large garden. On a side note – if you are renting, ask your landlord if you’d be allowed to install a raised garden bed. They’re easy to dismantle and do little damage to the yard once you’re ready to move on.

I’ll be honest, I never knew what potato plants even looked like when I planted my first starters. When this giant green leaf bush showed up I was confused. I few months later, though, the first golden beauty I pulled out of the ground with the sweetest, most buttery, flavorful potato I’ve ever eaten in my life.

The best thing about potatoes? You probably already have the starters in your pantry! If you’ve ever bought potatoes in bulk, I’m sure you’ve seen them sprout little potato fingers that you probably just plucked off and went on your way. Next time this happens, save a handful to use as starters. Here’s how I make potato starters:

Potato Starters

Potato Starters

Sprouting Potatoes (2)

Sprouting Potatoes (2)

  1. Cut the potato into chunks, giving each fingerling a chunk of potato to grow from. Each fingerling will grow an entire potato plant.
  2. Gently lay the potato chunks skin-side down without damaging the fingerling. The raw, fleshy parts should be allowed to dry in a sunny place to avoid rot.
  3. Once dry, you’ll be able to plant them. We will go over different options for container gardening with potatoes.

If you’ve ever planted potatoes before, please leave a comment below:

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