How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to the Commissary

Select a Commissary

Select a Commissary

Items are commissaries are already cheaper than items you’ll find in most grocery or department stores, but by using a list of sale items, combined with electronic coupons and paper coupons, you can compound your savings even more! Here are the steps I take before our weekly trip to the comm.:

First and foremost, log onto and sign up for email notifications of any specials and/or coupons.

The first thing I do while planning my trip to the commissary is to log onto:

  1. Select the Commissary closets to you, and select “All Sale Items” – this will give you the longest list, but you can filter down from there
  2. Select all and paste into an excel spreadsheet
  3. Delete Row 3
  4. Select rows 1 and 2 and under Sort & Filter, select Filter
  5. You can filter down the brands from there and delete the items that you know you don’t need. For me that’s Pampers, Slim Jim, anything unhealthy, etc. Select these rows and delete them. This will give you a consolidated list of the biggest sales.

Also make a point to only keep things on your list that your family will use. You’ll just be wasting money if you buy something because it’s a good deal but it never gets used. I usually print this list out and then add things by hand to the bottom of it.

After you have a nice list going, go to to load electronic coupons onto your commissary rewards card. Make sure to note on your list of the number you’re required to buy to use the coupon, size of item, brand, etc.

Their coupon policy limits coupons to one per purchase, so the electronic coupons cannot be combined with paper coupons of any kind.

Once you’ve selected your electronic coupons and added them to your commissary rewards card, check out the following links for other offers and paper coupons:

Also! Don’t forget to bring cash to tip the baggers! They work for tips alone.


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